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Every year in the United Kingdom an average of 600 children are diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour. The diagnosis of a tumour in your child is devastating for any parent.

Friends of O.S.C.A.R is a National Charity, which supports children diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour, together with their families. This may be at diagnosis, during treatment or after treatment has finished when they find themselves living with the effects caused by the tumour and its treatment.

Friends of O.S.C.A.R developed from a well established charity called O.S.C.A.R, which was founded in 1995 by a group of health care professionals in the Oxfordshire NHS trust, who found there was a specific need to support families with a child diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour. As it has grown the staff and families felt they would like to offer the same level of support to families throughout the UK, Friends of O.S.C.A.R is the result.

Friends of O.S.C.A.R (Oxford) aims to provide:

1) Families with opportunities to meet others facing a similar diagnosis and in a similar situation.

2) Several social events each year, such as:

A Christmas Pantomime
Adolescent Weekend
Family Fun Day

3) Parental support through biannual meetings and written information.

4) Friends of O.S.C.A.R (Oxford) continues to support families who suffer a bereavement.

5) Friends of O.S.C.A.R (Oxford) would also like to provide some financial help to others who would like to set up branches of Friends of O.S.C.A.R in other counties.

Words From Our Families

“Thank-you ever so much for this weekend, feels great to feel a part of such a great family!”

“I would like to thanks all those that inspired me to sing again after 6 years. I see each and every one of you as my extended family and feel really comfortable and confident that I can be myself and I hope I make you feel the same. Hope to see you all and more people with each and every year this great organisation continues to grow and help people like myself.”

“Thank you so, so much for a wonderful afternoon at the Panto it was outstanding , also it was so lovely to have a chance to catch up with friends, Thank you for a brilliant afternoon, I asked my daughter what she thought of the Panto her words, Fantastic Amazing, Fabulous, so thank you again.”

“We had a wonderful time, thank you for organising it.”

“I had a wonderful time but always do every year, OSCAR weekends never disappoint! Missing everyone already!! Xxx”


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